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SABER is the story of Francis Gelb, from a family of goldsmiths. Driven by a limitless respect and passion for the craft trades, he worked with his family before creating in Paris, in 1993, his own Cutlery House: SABER - named after the first cutlery developed by the brand. A name that also says its project: to break the monotony of the tableware, by combining, for the first time, artisanal mastery and freedom of colors, shapes and materials.

SABER is also a love story. That of Francis Gelb and his wife and partner, Pascale. From this communion at the top, constantly nourished by travel, meetings, legends, colors, was born "the Saber soul": a nomadic and friendly spirit, a sense of sharing and a natural elegance.

The duo is operating at full capacity and the charm is operating: SABER is present at all fairs and major fairs, boutiques and corners are multiplying, the international market is opening up. Soon, the creation of original porcelain replicates cutlery, thus transforming tableware into a real art of living.

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