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Antler collection with 2 products
Antler 2 products 1  
Arche Of Bees collection with 12 products
Arche Of Bees 12 products    
Classic Pewter collection with 22 products
Classic Pewter 22 products    
Elegance Everyday collection with 10 products
Elegance Everyday 10 products    
Equestrian collection with 10 products
Equestrian 10 products    
Farmer's Market collection with 28 products
Farmer's Market 28 products 2  
Garden Friends collection with 18 products
Garden Friends 18 products    
Harvest collection with 25 products
Harvest 25 products    
Horn Pewter collection with 20 products
Horn Pewter 20 products    
Leaf Pewter collection with 19 products
Leaf Pewter 19 products    
Lodge Style collection with 26 products
Lodge Style 26 products    
Majestic Forest collection with 37 products
Majestic Forest 37 products    
Medici Living collection with 26 products
Medici Living 26 products    
Medici Pewter  collection with 19 products
Medici Pewter 19 products    
Mordecai Pewter collection with 16 products
Mordecai Pewter 16 products    
Morning Hunt collection with 30 products
Morning Hunt 30 products    
Olive Grove collection with 12 products
Olive Grove 12 products 1  
River Life collection with 7 products
River Life 7 products    
Sea And Shore collection with 47 products
Sea And Shore 47 products    
Serveware collection with 2 products
Serveware 2 products    
Song Bird collection with 15 products
Song Bird 15 products    
Tribeca collection with 11 products
Tribeca 11 products    
Tropical Tales collection with 9 products
Tropical Tales 9 products    
Wales collection with 4 products
Wales 4 products    
Wild Wild West collection with 12 products
Wild Wild West 12 products    

Vagabond House presents our customers with Noble Materials, Inspired Lines and Captivating Styles. We are a family owned American company specializing in fine tableware, serving ware and gift ware. Artistically designed and finely crafted from the highest quality pewter and other rare, beautiful and durable natural materials. Our products are ...... Read More