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Prouna Fine Bone China is a new line of luxury bone china that signifies innovation, exquisite craftsmanship, and heritage.
Prouna is one of the most innovative and luxurious tableware lines in the industry today. We pride ourselves for creating timeless "investment" pieces that are made to last and to be enjoyed through generations. As an industry leader, we are the first to embed elements of Swarovski Crystal onto fine bone china. Our collections with the Swarovski Elements are not only stunning, but the crystals are durable in the dishwasher!

All Prouna products are made from the purest English bone china, and hand painted in 24kt gold or platinum. Our lavish collections include dinner sets, tea sets, and accessories. When designing collections for Prouna, we take a global vision and work with the very best designers from around the world who each tell a different story in every design.

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