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Kenzy Gifts and Decor is a retail shop in Lake Forest , Illinois as well as a second location in Vernon Hills,Illinois . We offer exceptional gifts, dinnerware, and decorative home accents. A wonderful shop for Bridal and Gift Registries. More »
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Mary Jurek picture
Mary Jurek at Mary Jurek Design 6:08 PM • Today
When you think of the Fourth of July, a few things probably come to mind: fireworks, hot dogs, and American flag fashion statements being among them. Who could blame you? July 4th is one of the most festive holidays of the year. The weather is warm, calendars are full of fun events, and everyone seems to be in a sunny state of mind—and for good reason. We have a lot to celebrate.
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Janine Irwin at MacKenzie-Childs 11:14 AM • June 24, 2022
Our history is handmade and hand-painted. 🎨
It all began more than 35 years ago with made-in-Aurora ceramics and we love seeing this piece of heritage in your homes. 🏠
Mary Jurek picture
Mary Jurek at Mary Jurek Design 9:00 AM • June 19, 2022
Mary Jurek picture
Mary Jurek at Mary Jurek Design 9:00 AM • June 19, 2022
Being a great dad can mean so many things. From offering advice when the going gets tough, to giving the perfect hug or lightening up the mood with a cheesy yet aptly timed joke, fathers are simply the best. That being said, happy Fathers Day!
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Jason Solarek picture
June 19, 2022 • 10:23 AM
Jason at ShopLocal.org:
Kind words. Agreed. 👔

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Calaisio Inc picture
Calaisio Inc at Calaisio 8:00 AM • June 15, 2022
Bring natural and rustic element to each table setting featuring organic napkin ring holders . Beautifully handwoven from natural vines and easy to pair with pastel and dark tones, adding multi-textural accent to your tablescape. Set of 4.

natural elegance, extraordinary durability
Calaisio Inc picture
Calaisio Inc at Calaisio 8:00 AM • June 14, 2022
A beautiful handwoven centerpiece designed for luncheon napkins, cocktail napkins or guest towels for your next party, shower, buffet or social events.  This handwoven napkin holder made of natural vines is also a great addition for the kitchen counter, table or as a small tray for your vanity or bathroom.

natural elegance, extraordinary durability
Comment profile placeholder
Janine Irwin at MacKenzie-Childs 10:27 AM • June 10, 2022
It is with great Pride that we introduce our new Rainbow Fish ceramic collection that celebrates our LGBTQIA+ community members. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 
Throughout the month of June, a portion of the proceeds of our Rainbow Fish items will go to support LGBTQIA+ youth and suicide prevention. ❤️

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