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"My first singular vision of using my jewelry vocabulary to create jewels for the home has now formed a strong foundation upon which I would like to build. Collaborating with fine workshops, my vision is to offer our customers unique ways to experience Jay Strongwater in their home, in gift-giving, and in personal adornment."
~ Jay Strongwater

Throughout his career, Jay Strongwater's love of the bejeweled objét — whether it's meant to rest on a tabletop or the graceful curve of a woman's neck — has led him on a journey twisting through the worlds of fashion and home furnishings.

Jay Strongwater began with the idea of turning everyday objects into jewels for the home: from miniature boxes to luxe sculptures, all seemingly purloined from some enchanted forest where Swarovski crystals fall like snowflakes. Founded in 1995, Jay Strongwater offers a sparkling collection of handcrafted, enameled, and bejeweled frames, vases, bowls, boxes, serving accessories, charms, pins, and figurines ranging from collectible miniatures to grand-scale art objets. Jay Strongwater is distributed in leading luxury department stores, fine independent retailers and through its direct to consumer business.

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