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Birch Way collection with 6 products
Birch Way 6 products 1  
Crown Point collection with 8 products
Crown Point 8 products    
Deco Dot collection with 28 products
Deco Dot 28 products 1  
Geo Spade collection with 1 products
Geo Spade 1 product    
Key Court collection with 5 products
Key Court 5 products    
Larabee Dot collection with 2 products
Larabee Dot 2 products    
Larabee Road collection with 21 products
Larabee Road 2 Collections 21 products  
Libary Lane collection with 25 products
Libary Lane 25 products    
Malmo collection with 3 products
Malmo 3 products    
Nolita collection with 8 products
Nolita 3 Collections 8 products  
Park Circle collection with 12 products
Park Circle 12 products    
Parker Place collection with 12 products
Parker Place 12 products    
Pearl Place collection with 2 products
Pearl Place 2 products    
Petal Lane collection with 18 products
Petal Lane 18 products    
Rosy Glow collection with 6 products
Rosy Glow 6 products 1  
Sonora Knot collection with 10 products
Sonora Knot 10 products    
Spade Street collection with 26 products
Spade Street 6 Collections 26 products  
Sweet Talk collection with 5 products
Sweet Talk 5 products    
Todd Hill collection with 2 products
Todd Hill 2 products    
Tribeca collection with 27 products
Tribeca 4 Collections 27 products 3
Two Hearts collection with 6 products
Two Hearts 6 products    
Union Street collection with 10 products
Union Street 10 products    
Wickford collection with 18 products
Wickford 18 products    
Willow Drive collection with 33 products
Willow Drive 3 Collections 33 products  
With Love collection with 7 products
With Love 7 products    
York Avenue collection with 13 products
York Avenue 13 products    
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Crisp color, graphic prints and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of kate spade new york. from handbags and clothing to jewelry, fashion accessories, fragrance, eyewear, shoes, swimwear, home decor, desk accessories, stationery, tabletop and gifts, our exuberant approach to the everyday encourages personal style with a dash of incandescent ...... Read More